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Drone innovation ecosystem and the first maltese academy

Ministers Ian Borg and Miriam Dalli announced the launch of the drone innovation ecosystem through the first investment of its kind by the Malta Drone Center which will invest €500,000 and employ a number of professionals. ​Over the last few years, Transport Malta, together with Malta Enterprise, have worked together to create an innovative ecosystem when it comes to drones and now Malta is taking the first step to serve as a new destination for this field. This is an opportunity for the Foreign Direct Investment Company as well as for Maltese ones to, among others, give training, test, as well as build drones in our country.

​In addition to this investment, a Site Access Agreement was also signed today between Malta Enterprise and Hibernians FC so that while it is not being used for football, parts of the Kordin stadium can be used for drone flying. This follows Transport Malta approving this type of activity to be carried out in this stadium. More sites offering a different flight opportunity may be announced later. The Hibs stadium site will also be usable by other companies approved by Malta Enterprise and Transport Malta.

Minister Ian Borg said, “A few months ago we announced the launch of a drone registration system so that we would not only comply with European laws, but also allow us to have such investments. Today’s investment of €500,000, and which will also be employing a number of professionals, is the first in this industry and I look forward to having more of this kind in the coming months. In just over two months, we have seen that in our country, through this online system, we have more than 1,000 drones registered. This is a Government that is committed to further improve its operations in order to remain one of the best European players in aviation. As we are always at the forefront when it comes to the aircraft register, we are also showing our will to the world that Malta is ready for drones and will be a major source that will attract many companies in this sector to invest in our country.”

Minister Miriam Dalli explained how we are seeing investment in new niches. “Today we are giving another signal of how we are continuing to diversify our economy. We are showing how even at a time when the international aviation industry is going through a very difficult time, we are not only supporting existing industries, but we are thinking about the future.

​​“These are activities that bring together technology, engineering and aviation: aviation that helps several other industries. Activities that all rely on good jobs and that can help us even from the point of view of environmental sustainability, as we see how drone flights can help boost efficiency in various areas.

Minister Dalli encouraged Maltese and foreign entrepreneurs to look at future manufacturing opportunities, such as drones assembly, in Malta.

This licence, which is the first of its kind in our country, is based on the regulations of the EASA (European Untion Aviation Safety Agency) and will make it possible to provide training and preparation for exams in order to operate the many types of drones including those of a certain specialisation.

Transport Malta will also serve as an agent that will assist in the theoretical notes, also through online videos.

This academy, which is a joint venture between a Maltese and a foreign company, was also assisted through business incentives by Malta Enterprise.

To register a drone in Malta and evaluate new business opportunities in the sector ask for a consultation to the team of Malta Business Agency.


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Giovanni Guarise
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