Opening a bank account in Malta for those who are not Maltese until today could be a difficult task.

Although the main newspapers or local television stations maintain a certain silence, the problem is increasingly felt and debated in public opinion.

According with local media, the attempt to open a bank account has reached absurd levels. By asking for information from the telephone customer service of the main Maltese banks, the procedure for opening an account seems very simply: just go in a branch with an identity document, a rental contract, and a self-declaration.

In fact, between the amount of documents to be presented and the time it takes to verify the same, it can also take 6 months to see the request rejected.

In order to overcome these difficulties and allow a quick and safe start-up of the business in Malta, we have decided to distribute and promote the opening of bank accounts in electronic money, in Euro currency, by signing a specific distribution contract with one of the financial institutions authorized by MFSA ( the Malta Financial Services Authority).

The accounts in electronic money have the same legal validity as traditional bank accounts, with the guarantee and security of having their stock always available, as the amounts deposited can not be used by the authorized financial institution, for speculative transactions and trading.

On the contrary, according to the Maltese legislation, the Electronic Money Institutes are obliged to keep their assets separate from that collected, guaranteeing the customer the availability of their economic resources.

Thanks to the agreements signed, we are able to proceed with the collection of documentation and the submission of the request to open a bank account, in a very short time until the opening of the account in 48 hours, both for individuals and companies. Furthermore, we can simultaneously activate prepaid debit cards of Mastercard circuit, with or without account.

The bank accounts are opened in the SEPA circuit and can be equipped with IBAN, both alphanumeric and customized. In fact, our customers can also autonomously decide the composition of their IBAN.

The USER Account (natural people) solution is the most flexible and dynamic, with very low management costs, while for companies it is possible to choose between three solutions: Startup, Standard and Professional.

Attention also to the world of IT development, with the ability to interface to any eCommerce portal our payment gateways, which allow you to credit the financial flows directly on your account, saving time and commissions. The Malta Business team is also able to develop API’s solutions for any information application that needs to manage electronic money.

The other big news of Malta Business Cards Network is the possibility, in particular for the Italian community, to be able to go to our offices in Tarxien, and carry out all the classic counter activities. Small withdrawals, recharging current accounts and prepaid cards, top-ups, opening accounts, and other proximity services.

Malta Business Cards represents today the fast and performing solution that allows you to be operational with the opening of a bank account, in a fast and guaranteed time.

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