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Italian association UNCI launches the Three-Year Fisheries Plan and aims at synergy with Malta

Sustainability is the key word of the “Three-Year Fisheries Plan – Annuality 2020” launched by UNCI Agroalimentare, the italian association representing, assisting and protecting fishing, aquaculture and agriculture cooperatives and consortia, chaired by Gennaro Scognamiglio.

The programme includes, in particular, targeted research on tuna and their cutting, developing also other sectors of the Blue Economy thanks to the involvement of numerous aquaculture plants and mussel and clam cultivation, located both in the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the Adriatic Sea.

The aim of the research is to find polluting elements in the geographical contexts analyzed and in the ichthyic products that are the object of attention, trying to understand also how to recycle the waste material resulting from the work of the fishermen chain.

Sustainable fishing is increasingly representing the future of the fisheries sector, because it means respect for the natural habitat, responsible consumption and effective management of activities. With this objective we have started an important training project for operators“, says President begins when presenting the new project.

The active research also avails itself of the collaboration of a Sulcitan tuna trap. It should in fact be remembered that in the sardinian area between Portoscuso, Gonnesa and Carloforte, the fixed tuna traps of Capo Altano, Porto Paglia, Isola Piana and Cala Vinagra, which are consortium members, carry on the ancient tradition of Arab origin of goldfin tuna fishing, which pass along the Sardinian sea route from the Atlantic to North Africa. This historical tradition represents the work of the Sulcitane tuna nets and their potential for development for the Blue Economy of the whole Mediterranean.

Within the same Three-Year Plan, UNCI is also working on a training and interactive “fishing plan” with fishermen. Through digital platforms, the association is providing online and interactive training to qualified fishermen, addressing key elements such as food hygiene and procedures based on HACCP principles for fishery products and shellfish.

But that’s not all. The training is also geared towards understanding and updating the basic rules for professional fishing, such as the trawler and seiner boat sector. Also in this case the training product is aimed at the whole Mediterranean area.

UNCI Agroalimentare’s training vision avails itself of the collaboration of CNR and the Universities of Ancona and Foggia with the analysis and sampling of some Mediterranean fish species. This project involves professional fishermen, researchers and many protagonists of the supply chain. The training and research project is financed by the National Direction for Fisheries and aims at developing new synergies in the Mediterranean Sea with countries such as Malta and the geographical context of North Africa for the protection and common exploitation of Mediterranean fish.


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