Malta-Monaco double taxation agreement

Malta and Monaco signed a treaty in 2019, still in force today, to avoid double taxation on those with interests in both countries. The...

Malta-India Women’s Chamber (WICCI Malta) joins The Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber and the Women’s Malta Chamber of Commerce & Industry, an affiliate of WICCI India, agreed to co-operate actively to nurture a...

UK and Mexico signed a new post Brexit agreement

The UK has signed a trade agreement with Mexico.

MACTT and OBOR together for an international training programme

Training and internationalisation are the key points of the agreement reached between the Istituto Italiano OBOR and the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade (MACTT).

Investment opportunities: discovering Namibia

Malta Business will follow the proceedings of a workshop on business opportunities in Namibia, organised by TradeMalta for 16 and 17 February 2021. A...

Malta’s strategy for new synergies with Africa

In recent months, the European Union has embarked on an important process to promote strong engagement and influential collaboration with the African Union in...

Brexit: no customs duty for UK goods imported to Malta

As from 1st January 2021, the United Kingdom is not form part of the Customs Union anymore. This has a bearing on goods brought in and out of the Customs Union in terms of determining preferential origin.

Europe and Singapore united for new economic growth

The EU and Singapore signed an administrative cooperation agreement on trade clusters on the occasion of the first anniversary of the EUSFA.

Malta-China: increasingly close relations

Minister Evarist Bartolo held a telephone conversation with the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi

The VAT chapter for European trade post Brexit

Many people in the world of business are asking for specific agreements on the post-Brexit VAT chapter.

Ambassador invites Chinese companies to invest in Malta

Maltese Ambassador to China John Aquilina expressed confidence in Malta's potential to attract foreign investors and welcomed Chinese investment at the 12th China Overseas...

EU trade agreements with Canada and Japan boost Maltese exports

EU trade agreements in 2019 highlights the benefits of expanding the global trade network through agreements and treaties.

Double taxation: Switzerland confirms agreement with Malta

Federal Council adopts dispatches on amendment of DTAs with Liechtenstein, Malta and Cyprus

Malta-Japan chamber of commerce joins The Malta Chamber

"This places us at an ideal position as the go-to-entity to do business with Japan"

Malta-North America Business Council launched

The Malta-North America Business Council (MNABC) was launched by the Embassy of Malta in Washington DC

Russia, Malta signed a protocol to revise tax agreement

Russia plans to sign the next revised taxed agreement with Luxembourgm Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov said

Malta launches its first strategy for growth and partnership with Africa

Trade, development and diplomacy as the focus recognising Africa as an emerging economic force.

Vanessa Frazier is the new Permanent Representative to the United Nations

She will be the first woman to represent Malta in New York.

Malta planning a new embassy in South America

Malta is planning to open its first embassy in South America, Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela said. Malta currently has no representation in that part of...

“Algeria-Malta: business relationships grow”

Also in Algeria, on September 23, the Maltese Independence Day was celebrated for the first time.