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The CETA Business Network brand has been registered in the European Community

CETA Business Network is pleased to announce that its trademark has been officially registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The registration took place after a rigorous evaluation process and guarantees trademark protection in all member countries of the European Union. 

The registration of the CETA Business Network brand in the European Community represents an important step forward for the project, which has always decided to distinguish itself in offering high quality services in the business consultancy sector. 

CETA Business Network is an online platform that connects people and companies with opportunities and resources to help them grow their business. It is dedicated primarily to Canadian and European entrepreneurs and professionals. It offers a variety of services such as a marketplace for creating commercial and professional catalogues, free and paid training courses, the ability to post announcements to improve the project team or identify new partners, and plan and promote events. 

The mission of CETA Business Network is to offer innovative and customized solutions to support companies and professionals in achieving their growth objectives, through the use of advanced digital tools and the experience of its team of experts. 

Furthermore, the registration of the CETA Business Network trademark in the European Community offers additional protection to the trademark also in Canada, thanks to the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA). Indeed, the agreement includes provisions for the protection of registered trademarks, which means that the CETA Business Network trademark will be protected in both geographical areas. 

Ceta Business Network: Connecting Canadian and European Entrepreneurs for Business Growth

CETA Business Network invites companies, professionals, public authorities, chambers of commerce, associations, NGOs, Canadians and Europeans to register for free on the platform and discover its services. Through its online platform, CETA Business Network offers a wide range of consulting, training and networking services, with the aim of providing companies and professionals with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the global market. 

Thanks to its vast network of experts and partners, CETA Business Network is able to offer customized and high quality solutions, helping companies to create new business opportunities and reach new markets. 

“We invite all those who are looking for new growth opportunities to join the CETA Business Network platform – declares Sergio Passariello, creator and co-founder of the CETA Business Network – We are convinced that our platform offers advanced tools and customized solutions to help businesses and professionals to achieve their growth objectives. The registration of our brand in the European Community allows us to offer an additional level of protection and guarantee to our customers, both in Europe and in Canada”. 

The registration of the CETA Business Network brand in the European Community represents an important achievement for the project, which continues to grow and expand internationally. Thanks to its mission, CETA Business Network is able to offer companies and professionals the necessary tools to compete on the global market and achieve their growth objectives. 

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