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Strengthening educational ties: Malta and Estonia’s commitment to higher education excellence

Malta and Estonia are innovating the higher education sector through a collaboration that aims to share experiences and participate in international projects.

In the higher education landscape, international collaboration plays a crucial role in promoting innovation and excellence. The recent memorandum of understanding signed between the Malta Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) and the Estonian Agency for the Quality of Education (HAKA) in Tallinn marks an era of renewed cooperation and commitment to the advancement of higher education.

This agreement, which will strengthen cooperation and participate in joint international projects, is a significant step towards the sharing of resources, knowledge and experience between the two countries.

A bridge to innovation

The agreement between MFHEA and HAKA was signed to enhance the importance of joining forces in higher education, paving the way for initiatives ranging from the use of digital technology in education to the training of educators. This collaboration will not only enrich the education sector in both countries, but will also serve as a model for other nations seeking to embrace educational innovation.

The agreement was signed by MFHEA CEO Rose Anne Cuschieri and HAKA Director Heli Mattisen in the presence of Malta’s Ambassador to Estonia and Finland Kenneth Vella, and Matthew Vella, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education.

According to Ambassador Vella, the visit of the Maltese delegation to Estonia not only confirms the excellent relations between the two countries, but is also a clear proof of the ongoing cooperation between the two countries in the field of education in recent years.

Vella added that in the coming weeks more initiatives will be announced between the two countries in the fields of education, tourism, sports, culture and gastronomy.

Estonian experience in digital education, combined with Malta’s commitment to promoting higher education as a pillar of its social and economic development, creates a powerful synergy. This shared commitment to educational excellence is further reinforced by the visit of a delegation of Maltese education officials to Estonia, highlighting the importance of direct cultural and professional exchanges.

Malta and Estonia are working towards a collaborative future

Looking to the future, the agreement between Malta and Estonia promises to be a catalyst for new opportunities for collaboration in higher education. Through this partnership, both countries demonstrate a shared commitment to educational innovation, with the aim of improving opportunities for students and strengthening the education sector internationally.

This cooperation includes a memorandum of understanding signed a few months ago between the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) of the University of Malta and the Estonian School of Diplomacy; the introduction of the 99Math resource in Maltese schools; collaboration between the University of Tartu and the University of Malta; Several visits by Maltese educators to the city of Parnu; visits by Estonian educators to Malta; and the visit last December by MFHEA officials to Tallinn led by Lawrence Azzopardi, responsible for the validation of accreditation licences and quality assurance. This last visit was also crucial to the start of discussions on the Memorandum of Understanding between MFHEA and HAKA.

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