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Expo 2020: visiting the Malta Pavilion

Dubai-based newspaper Khaleej Times visited the Malta Pavilion at Expo 2020 to explain what makes the tenth smallest country in the world an attractive vacation destination for UAE travelers.

Malta’s chosen message for the World Expo is “Connecting cultures and generating opportunities,” a slogan that perfectly sums up the strategic role of this archipelago positioned in the center of the Mediterranean.

In particular, ample space has been given to the tourism sector, which every year brings 2 million people to the two main islands inhabited by a total of 550 thousand inhabitants, and which even in times of pandemic has managed to attract 600 thousand tourists.

Visiting the Malta Pavilion, the Khaleej Times envoy met Maria Camilleri Calleja, Maltese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, who explained that the Maltese language is a mix of Arabic, English and Italian in 60% of its lexicon: thus any person visiting Malta from the Emirates is immediately greeted by a language of the local Maltese population that immediately sounds familiar.

Malta is also a Mediterranean island, where you can smell the water, and where you can admire wonderful seaside resorts that combine with small fortified towns,” said the Ambassador.

Moreover, on July 14th last year, the Emirates airline concluded its first direct flight between Malta and Dubai, accelerating the tourist presence from one to the other country.

The final invitation, therefore, is to visit the Malta Pavilion in Dubai, and above all to visit Malta from Dubai. 


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Giovanni Guarise
Giovanni Guarise
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