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Bridging cultures and education: Malta and China forge new pathways in tourism studies

The cooperation between the Malta Institute of Tourism Studies and the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic kicks off, promoting international collaboration and enriching educational experiences in tourism studies.

In a significant move that highlights the growing importance of international collaboration in education, the Institute of Tourism Studies of Malta (ITS) and the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic (SICP) have inked a cooperation agreement focusing on tourism education. This partnership not only reflects the dynamic relationship between Malta and China but also marks a strategic development in the global education landscape, particularly in the tourism sector.

The signing ceremony, which took place in Valletta, Malta, was graced by the presence of significant figures including the Chinese Ambassador to Malta, Yu Dunhai, and Maltese Tourism Minister, Clayton Bartolo. The essence of this agreement lies in its potential to elevate the educational standards and opportunities for students from both nations.

As per the agreement, the SICP Malta International School is officially established, paving the way for Chinese students to enroll and advance their studies at the ITS campus in Malta. This move is not just a mere educational exchange but a testament to Malta’s commitment to disseminating its educational prowess globally.

Minister Bartolo emphasized the symbiotic relationship between education and tourism, recognizing the agreement as a “win-win” situation. His optimism about the future growth of this partnership echoes the sentiment of fostering a more integrated global education community. The longstanding diplomatic relations between China and Malta, extending over 51 years, have been marked by vibrant and dynamic ties. This agreement is a continuation of their fruitful cooperation, which has spanned various sectors, including education and tourism, bringing tangible benefits to the people of both countries.

Yu Dunhai’s remarks highlighted the diverse and enriched educational experiences that the establishment of the SICP Malta International School will offer. He pointed out how this initiative opens new avenues for exchange in the education and tourism sectors, contributing significantly to the development of bilateral relations between China and Malta.

The tourism training agreement will start in 2024

The practical implementation of this agreement will commence in October 2024, with the ITS set to welcome its first batch of Chinese students enrolled in the SICP Malta International School. Pierre Fenech, the chief executive officer of ITS, views this as a milestone in the institution’s journey towards international educational collaboration.

The vice president of the SICP, Zhang Yang, also expressed his enthusiasm about the agreement, emphasizing its role in fostering international collaboration in the field of education. According to him, this collaborative approach is not limited to enriching the learning experience but is also instrumental in contributing to the growth and development of both institutions involved.

This cooperation agreement between the ITS and SICP is a significant stride in bridging cultural and educational gaps. It exemplifies the potential of international educational partnerships to create more inclusive, diverse, and enriched learning environments. Such initiatives are vital in today’s globalized world, where education transcends geographical boundaries and fosters a deeper understanding and respect for different cultures and perspectives.

The agreement between Malta’s ITS and China’s SICP is a landmark in the field of tourism education, setting a precedent for future collaborations between educational institutions worldwide. It not only enriches the educational landscape but also strengthens the bilateral ties between Malta and China, paving the way for a future where education is a shared global endeavor, and knowledge knows no borders​


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