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Malta helps its startups to internationalize

A new event provided a digital platform for 6 Maltese start-up companies who met international counterparts during pre-set meetings

Earlier this week, Malta was the 5th most represented country from a total of 30 whose startups engaged in international virtual business-to-business meetings during an event co-organised by The Malta Chamber in conjunction with Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Germany) as part of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The event provided a digital platform for 6 Maltese start-up companies who met international counterparts during pre-set meetings, which brought together start-ups and established enterprises together to establish new business ventures, engage in international projects, discover new ideas and exchange knowledge and experience.

Reacting to the positive participation from Malta, the President of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry Perit David Xuereb said that the response for this event was very encouraging in view of business-representative body’s efforts to reach out to the start-ups cluster and help them navigate a successful path for their business.

Our Chamber is very much aware that startups play an important role in our commercial fabric and we acknowledge their contribution. Many of them are currently facing short-term challenges and need support to address shortfalls in liquidity and funding, particularly during the current phase. There are others, however, who are approaching us to help them foster the ability to grasp new international business opportunities with focused support and in a timely manner” Perit Xuereb added.

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The EEN team at the Malta Chamber is aware that every business chooses its own process of implementing internationalisation which varies heavily in terms of timing, initial resource investment and process management. The EEN team is committed more than ever to be closer to these companies to help them invest their talent coherently through support journeys as part of Enterprise Europe Network.

The Malta Chamber encourages local startups to stay tuned with more of its support initiatives and matchmaking opportunities in the future. These events can provide penetration in targeted markets by meeting selected investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and regional decision-makers.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) supports SMEs in working with other businesses in Europe and countries outside of Europe, implementing partnering, advisory, innovation projects and helping them penetrate new markets. It consists of more than 600 member organisations in contact with each other over 64 countries.

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