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Malta-North America Business Council launched

The Malta-North America Business Council (MNABC) was launched by the Embassy of Malta in Washington DC, which is composed of 12 American/Canadian Maltese as well as American and Canadian executive leaders from different sectors germane to Malta’s economic development.

The Ambassador of Malta to the USA and Canada Keith Azzopardi stated that “the idea behind forming this Council is to work in tandem with and assist the relevant Maltese entities pertaining to Malta’s economic development with the aim of further promoting Malta as an ideal business hub in the United States and Canada.

The objectives of the Council are to advise on business opportunities of interest to Malta, liaise with relevant entities in Malta, identify areas of new business opportunities and technology that are relevant to Malta, promote financial and industrial investment in Malta., facilitate business opportunities for Maltese and Malta-based businesses looking to expand in North America, as well as to facilitate contacts between Maltese and North American businesses.

The President of the Council, Joseph V. Micallef noted that “Malta has routinely delivered the highest economic growth rates in the European Union, often exceeding 5% per annum and has emerged as a hub of innovation and cutting edge creativity. For a country which has no natural resources, the manner in which it has leveraged its human capital to create a modern, vibrant economy is truly remarkable.” Mr. Micallef also serves as the Honorary Consul of Malta to Oregon.

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone. Its diverse economy is highly industrial and service-based driven, with key sectors which include high value manufacturing, tourism, pharmaceutical, ICT, aviation, maritime, gaming, financial services, new technology sectors, including blockchain, and others. Malta’s skilled and multilingual workforce, political and social stability, excellent education facilities, unique lifestyle and not the least its fiscal and fincancial incentive packages it offers, were key for many companies to call Malta their home.

The Malta North America Business Council which is based in Washington DC is open to collaborate and to assist relevant entities and businesses interested in doing business in and with Malta.

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