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Skills Development Scheme: new funds available

Malta Business Agency is offering advice and support to companies that are interested in participating in a new call promoted by the Maltese Government to support the development of new skills among Maltese workers.

Businesses and professionals can take the opportunity to obtain this funding through courses organised in collaboration with the Mediterranean Academy of Culture Technology and Trade, Institute of Higher Education accredited by theMalta for Futher & Higher Education Authority”. It is possible to choose between catalogue courses or tailor-made courses, organised ad hoc according to specific company or professional needs.

Measure: Skill Development Scheme

Institution: Malta Enterprise

Reference: Through this scheme, Malta Enterprise shall support business undertakings to provide training to develop and update the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

Purpose: The Corporation shall support training and knowledge transfer intiatives that will support employees to acquire new skills, knowhow and knowledge. 

Application deadline: This measure shall be applicable until 31st December 2022.

Submission procedure: Applications are to be submitted prior to the commencement of the training programme and should include details of the training, the training provider, the trainees and the expected outcome. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide details and comprehensive information in the application
form to enable the Corporation to determine eligibility and evaluate the training programme. For more informations and support contact the Malta Business Agency team.

Beneficiaries: Companies investing in staff training to improve their skills and increase the quality of the Maltese labour market.

Type and extent of the contribution: This scheme has a budget of EUR 30,000,000. The aid intensity shall be established according to the size of the undertaking. The maximum support shall be of two million euro (€2,000,000) per skills development project. The aid intensity applicable shall not exceed the following percentages of the eligible costs: Small 70%, Medium 60%, Large 50%.

Eligibility: This measure is available to duly registered undertakings (including self-employed persons) that carry out an economic activity in Malta and are engaged in one or more qualifying activities.

Other requirements:

The training should provide the participants with skills and knowledge that enhance their potential for personal growth and development and must specifically address the skills and knowledge requirements of the undertaking.

This measure shall support undertakings in providing training to employees. The Corporation may support training delivered to one or more employees of the beneficiary by:
a) other employees of the beneficiary;
b) employees of related enterprises;
c) external experts;
d) Private Training Providers (holding an NCFHE license).

Training which is mandatory under national law cannot be supported. In this regard, it is irrelevant whether the training is carried out to comply with national standards which are mandatory for the undertaking in question or for its employees to be able to engage in their role and also whether the training is carried out by the undertaking itself or an external trainer.

For easy and secure financing, ask for support from the Malta Business Agency team by filling in the following form.


This article provides general information only and does not replace professional advice in any way. It is recommended to consult a qualified professional before making any important decisions regarding financial, legal or other matters. The author and the publication are not responsible for any errors or damages caused by the use of the information contained in this article.

Caterina Passariello
Caterina Passariello
President of the Canadian Chamber in Italy, a no-profit association that aims to stenght the relationships between Canadian and Italian companies and professionals. Head of the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade Institute of Malta. Business consultant and project manager with specialization in the internationalization processes of companies. Master Degree in Management Engineering, with a Thesis about how supply-chain tracking changes with Blockchain, with particular attention to Agri-Food Supply-Chain. Interested about internationalisation, blockchain, dlt, smart contract.
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