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The sport industry debuts at Medaweek Barcelona

Malta Business will be protagonists on the third and last day of Medaweek Barcelona 2021, the great event dedicated to the world of business organized every year by ASCAME, Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce. The appointment to mark in the agenda is Friday, November 19, 2021 at 17.00 for the Mediterranean Sport Industry Conference, a conference dedicated to the sport sector that will be moderated by Caterina Passariello, Malta Business Agency‘s Project Manager and analyst of our news portal.

Sport is a powerful force for cooperation and peace. It inspires and promotes the values of teamwork, non-violence, gender equality, social integration, tolerance and justice. Values that go beyond borders, cultures, races or religions.

In a region with strong inequalities and deep unrest, sport facilitates social integration and economic development, and becomes a tool to address violence and insecurity, and provide better opportunities for young people.

Mediterranean countries have much in common. A sea, a history, a culture, a food and values that remind us that it is possible to work together and create a new common destiny. These values are precisely those that sport conveys.

Companies that focus their strategy, products or services around sport are growing and many sectors benefit from the associated cultural, economic or recreational activities, such as telecommunications, construction or tourism. The industry can increase the ability to acquire and produce knowledge, which is a key factor in competitiveness.

However, the sport and recreation landscape is changing significantly in the Mediterranean region. The emergence of commercial events and properties in different countries in the region has meant that rights holders and established brands need to review and fine-tune their offerings, while the consumer leisure environment becomes increasingly competitive.

In light of this, sport is being called upon to become a new growth driver through investment in infrastructure and job creation for young people. This will be discussed on Friday with distinguished guests such as Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government; Ashraf Sobhy, Minister for Youth and Sport in Egypt; and Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona Football Club. he appointment is Friday, November 19 at 17.00, from Casa Llotja de Mar (Barcelona) and online.

Giovanni Guarise
Professional journalist since 2010, over the years as a freelance he has dedicated particular attention to the world of Small and Medium Enterprises, creating in-depth studies and focuses for various newspapers, and collaborating in communication activities for a trade association in Veneto.
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