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The JA Europe 2023 Leadership Summit: Discussing the Future of Education and Entrepreneurship in Malta.

The JA Europe 2023 Leadership Summit will be held in Malta on 16 and 17 March 2023. The event will be attended by JA Europe leaders, who will discuss the future of education and the teaching of 21st century life skills within the NGO’s programmes, particularly entrepreneurship, financial literacy and digital skills. The ultimate goal of these programmes is to facilitate young people’s path to success, benefiting local communities around the world, including Malta.

Founded 104 years ago, JA is today one of the largest NGOs serving youth and is ranked among the top seven most impactful NGOs in the world, with over 15 million learning experiences for employment and entrepreneurship in the last year alone. Present in over 100 countries, JA teaches young people to develop the skills and mindset needed to create businesses, find meaningful employment and build thriving communities.

The Leadership Summit will be an important opportunity to discuss the future of JA’s activities and how to further support future generations of entrepreneurs. The conference will be attended by board members from over 40 countries and will be opened by the Hon. Clifton Grima, Minister of Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation.

JA Europe CEO Salvatore Nigro explained that it is crucial for the JA network leadership to come together to take a strategic look at its activities so that it can thrive in an ever-changing world. They are grateful to JA Malta for inviting them to experience its dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem and look forward to discovering Malta and planning their future JA journey together to inspire and prepare the next generation of Europeans for success.

Part of the two-day conference programme will be hosted in collaboration with Malta Enterprise and HSBC Malta Foundation. On 18 March, the JA Malta Marketplace will give the audience the opportunity to see the work done by all the student entrepreneurship programme teams, who will run a mini-company during their sixth year of study.

The JA Europe 2023 Leadership Summit is an important event to discuss the future of education and teaching 21st century life skills within NGO programmes. JA believes that every young person can achieve success in today’s global economy, making them more employable, enabling them to start their own business, achieve better business results and earn higher salaries. JA’s work is critical to supporting future generations of entrepreneurs and fostering thriving communities around the world.

More information on the programme can be found at the official web address:


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