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The collaboration between Malta and Catalonia takes shape

It explores the evolution of collaboration between Malta and the Region of Catalonia on innovation, technology, and trade, with the aim of strengthening future ties and partnerships.

Malta Business, with the support of CSA Group LTD (Malta), AssoMalta (Italy), and Euromed Group srl (Italy), had the pleasure of coordinating and supporting the institutional visit of Dr. Luca Bellizzi, Delegate of the Government of Catalonia, on the territory of Malta. The delegation, also composed of Dr. Walter Greco, delegate of Catalonia Trade & Investment, undertook this mission with the aim of exploring the economic and social opportunities offered by the Maltese ecosystem.

During their stay, the delegates had the opportunity to meet with a number of different Maltese organisations, including Malta Enterprise,, the Malta Chamber and Malta FreePort, in a series of meetings aimed at better understanding the business and society of Malta. These sessions offered fertile ground for in-depth discussions on the importance of strengthening ties between Catalonia and Malta, with a particular focus on potential synergies in the fields of innovation, technology, logistic, energy and economic development.

Details of the Catalonia delegation’s visit to Malta

During their first meeting with Malta Enterprise, the Catalan delegation met with Marion Zammit, Chief FDI Specialist, and Melani Debattista, Head of FDI: Digital Innovation. Both explained the importance of Malta as an innovation hub in the Mediterranean and Malta Enterprise’s willingness to promote this image internationally and this could take place during one of the next fairs to be held in Barcelona.
In this regard, Catalonia’s promotion vision was explained, which also includes the interconnection with its trade fair system, which is among the most active in Europe.

The Catalan delegation meets

In the following meeting the Catalan delegation met with Mark Bugeja, Chairman of, who expressed great interest in the initiative, presenting the inMalta working group composed of, Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, GamingMalta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA ), which together are creating a way forward for promotional synergies with the aim of promoting Malta at international summits and exhibitions.
This initiative represents a significant step towards deepening business and technology relations between Malta and Catalonia, with the ambition of creating fertile ground for future partnerships and shared projects in the field of high technology.

Malta Chamber meet Delegation of Catalonia-Malta Business
The Catalan delegation meets Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

The following day, the Catalan delegation met with the President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Christopher Vassallo Cesareo together with Julia Aquilina, Policy & Internationalisation Executive, at the historical headquarters in Valletta.
During the meeting, the numerous opportunities that could be of interest to Maltese and Catalan businesses were explained in view of the strong mutual interest in cooperation in various fields, including innovation, sustainable development, and business internationalisation.
The discussion highlighted the willingness of both sides to further explore these areas through joint initiatives and knowledge exchange. The meeting was a significant moment to deepen our understanding of each other’s economies and to identify points of synergy that could lead to fruitful collaborations, contributing to the economic and industrial development of both Malta and the Catalonia region.

Malta Free Port - Delegation of Catalonia - Malta Business
The Catalan delegation meets Malta Free Port

The meeting with Malta FreePort in Birzebbugia, attended by marketing executive Caroline Borg, was an interesting moment for the Catalan delegation to explore the potential of the Maltese port area in the context of international trade. During the session, it was highlighted how Malta Free Port can act as a strategic hub in the Mediterranean, proposing to start a constructive dialogue with both the Port of Barcelona and the Port of Tarragona. The objective of this initiative is to consolidate and strengthen the sea routes, creating a more resilient and efficient maritime network. This initiative is particularly relevant in the light of the latest war events in the Red Sea.

Malta Free Port - meet Delegation of Catalonia - Malta Business
The Catalan delegation meets Malta Free Port

The delegation recognised the importance of enhancing these port collaborations as fundamental to supporting trade and interconnection between the two regions, envisaging a future of renewed cooperation and shared growth through the sea routes.

The visit – declared Sergio Passariello CEO of Malta Business and Secretary General of Assomalta – represented a significant step towards the creation of a solid bridge between the two geographical areas, laying the foundations for future collaborations and partnerships. Both parties have expressed a strong interest in continuing to work together to explore new opportunities for mutual growth and to promote the development of joint initiatives that can benefit both Catalonia and Malta.

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