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Meda Start-up meeting: the challenges ahead

Mediterranean Start-up & Entrepreneurship Meeting will connect already successful companies with new establish companies, which deliver innovative ideas and new approaches.
The Mediterranean region is no exception, yet in recent years funding access has improved. Angel investment networks, venture capital funds and even several government-initiated funding programs have all come to the fore.

As the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem gradually frees up more capital for young and growing enterprises it needs to take a more critical look at its entrepreneurs’ and investors’ specific needs to enhance investment conditions.

Mediterranean Start-up Meeting will gather entrepreneurs, investors, and support institutions from key emerging start-ups ecosystems across the Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and experts will gather on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean to share experiences, insights, techniques, methods, and know-how, dishing out how-toss for newcomers, dos-and-don’ts for the up and coming, and inspiration for the rest.

The startup and entrepreneurship culture is an encouraging development, but turning the trend into the norm could bring a series of challenges and policy questions for business, government and civil society to address.

History has revealed a strong relationship between economic development and innovators and accelerators who can seize opportunities and take risks as well as provide a helpful boost in business education.

While there are a growing number of funding opportunities and resources for entrepreneurs in Mediterranean region there are still significant constraints to obtaining capital including accessing larger funding sizes, diversifying funding sources, skills gaps and communicating with investors.

This Forum adds to the larger conversation on the barriers and pathways to scale that entrepreneurs experience as they try to grow their companies in MEDA. It is a unique opportunity connecting startups with investors and companies successful in the Mediterranean region and globally.

Mead Startups introduce a more critical assessment of funding conditions in the region’s ecosystem while also helping to highlight focus areas for improving these conditions.

The forum will provide:

  • An opportunity for Mediterranean start-ups and entrepreneurs to display themselves to investors and the press.
  • Access to seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean to share experiences, insights, techniques, methods, and know-how dishing out how-toss for newcomers, dos-and-don’ts for the up and coming as well as inspiration for the rest

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Giovanni Guarise
Giovanni Guarise
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