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Here are 20 successful startups from Malta

As reported on several occasions, Malta is an increasingly sought-after landing base for many tech entrepreneurs, who over the past five years have helped to create a true startup hub in the islands. And while it is true that the Maltese startup ecosystem has so far been known mainly for its development and innovations in the gaming and blockchain sectors, there are other sectors in which companies are continuing to grow, even after the start of the pandemic. Let’s see below some of the most interesting startups in the Maltese landscape:

  • BCA Solutions: Founded in 2017, it is a legal consulting startup that offers services such as licensing, token legal opinions, regulatory consulting, blockchain implementation and cybersecurity
  • Cashcow: Founded in 2017, it focuses on generating valuable leads for a variety of partners and affiliates. Led by three Finns, Cashcow’s flagship product is ‘Casino Professor’, a site that compares online casinos to ensure the user makes an informed choice
  • CIVIQUO: Founded in 2018, it is one of the first investment migration platforms in the world. It helps people find their next destination of residence or citizenship by combining a wide selection of alternative solutions
  • Costa Media: Launched in 2019 by Portuguese founders, it is a fast-growing iGaming business support company with websites in Europe and Latin America. It offers a variety of digital marketing and lead generation services through content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization
  • Covery: Founded in 2016, it is a global risk management platform that helps online businesses prevent fraud, mitigate risk and grow revenue
  • Founded in 2017, it provides artificial intelligence-based virtual agents to help companies build valuable and lasting relationships with their customers by automating processes but maintaining a level of “humanity” in customer interactions
  • Efforce: Created in 2018, the startup aims to make tokens as the preferred system for monetizing and utilizing energy savings worldwide, allowing taxpayers to participate in energy efficiency projects by capturing future savings in a “tokenized” version
  • Elrond Network: Founded in 2017, it has raised approximately 1.8 million to date. Provides a secure and efficient public blockchain network available to developers to create decentralized applications and execute “smart” contracts, lowering execution time and costs
  • Few: Founded in 2020, provides immersive sessions and experiences for physical and mental fitness. It has already raised €250k in funding from Malta Enterprise and other investors
  • Fracture Labs: Founded in 2018, developed a multiplayer survival role-playing game, called ‘Decimated’, getting 375,000 euros of funding in 2020 alone
  • FreeHour: Founded in 2017, it provides a mobile app platform for students to help each other by exchanging free lessons. It currently has 25 thousand users, establishing itself as a reference tool for Maltese and Gozitan students
  • Fyorin: Founded in 2019 with a mission to change the face of business banking through a smoother corporate banking ecosystem for SMEs and financial institutions
  • KTO Group: Founded in 2018, it is an online gaming startup specializing in agile software solutions designed to ensure above all the safety of players, who can have full control over their experience thanks to preset limits on money to deposit, game times and losses
  • Pixel.Bet: Founded in 2018, it aims to create a transparent, convenient and tailored gaming experience for all those who love esports
  • Rootz: Founded in 2018 by a team of iGaming professionals and experts, it develops platforms for online gaming by paying attention to innovative and efficient programming, streamlined yet powerful graphics and rich content
  • Solfy: As of 2018, this fintech startup has raised €1.2 million to help banks grow credit availability with less risk, increasing the number of customers and the volume of retail transactions. All thanks to a new international ecosystem of banks, merchants and customers, in which consumers receive loans from lenders to make purchases through a mobile app
  • STASIS: Since 2017, it has developed EURS, a cryptocurrency designed to be a “tokenized” version of the euro, which aims to bridge the gap between decentralized finance and the off-chain market
  • Tryvium: Created in 2018, it provides a modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&Bs and other accommodations, incorporating blockchain and smart contract systems, and allowing users to purchase tokens to make transactions and reservations
  • VAIOT: As of 2018, it has raised 4.5 million to provide tech companies with a digital contracts and legal service using primarily artificial intelligence, which is combined with the blockchain
  • Xcoins: Founded in 2016, it is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with more than 250,000 customers under its belt from more than 167 countries around the world.

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Giovanni Guarise
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