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MedaWeek will open with a summit on Renewable Energy

This year, MedaWeek Barcelona will start with the 9th Mediterranean Green & Renewable Energy Summit, underscoring the summit’s slogan The time for “being renewable” has come.  After all, an increasing number of companies have put renewables front and centre of their corporate social responsibility programmes in the past five years and, what is more, an urgent global demand is that corporate cultures ingrain a sense of renewable responsibility in everyone.

This summit will be the first major Mediterranean discussion on energy in a long time, giving the global community a chance to address progress on the way towards Sustainable Development Goal 7, which was set by the UN in 2015 to ensure access to sustainable energy for all. Therefore, the event will provide a complete outlook into the development of the Mediterranean renewable energy market and, in such way, it will be an ideal platform to bring together regional and global solutions and technology providers, who will present cutting-edge innovative solutions that ensure clean and green energy, and to create synergies between authorities and companies to enhance the development of renewable energy projects.

The summit will be divided in four sessions:

  • The potential of the Mediterranean: tapping into the abundant solar and wind resources. This session will paint a map of the key stakeholders in solar and wind projects and will look at present and future opportunities for businesses and investors.
  • Towards a Mediterranean renewable solution. This session will tackle the global role of the Mediterranean in sustainability, its innovation needs and the potential the renewables revolution has for the development of all of society, especially for women and youth.
  • How the Mediterranean region can shape the post COVID-19 sustainability agenda. This session will address the role of the private sector in tackling climate change, dealing with unpredictability and effectively minimising the impact of climate shocks.
  • Innovation in renewable energy is more than tech. This session will look at the impact of the emerging fourth industrial revolution on the global energy transition and address in which ways innovation can contribute to a lasting, positive impact on people’s livelihoods.

All in all, the Mediterranean Green & Renewable Energy Summit links with the essence of MedaWeek Barcelona, which is set to help the Mediterranean economic ecosystem move forward by creating a common innovative, sustainable and inclusive space for all the countries in the region.

This year, MedaWeek Barcelona will take place from the 17th to 19th November in hybrid format.

For more information and to discover all the thematic fora, check the event’s programme here.

Giovanni Guarise
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