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Public consultation on Malta’s National Post-Pandemic Strategy launched

Minister for Research, Innovation and the Co-ordination of the Post COVID-19 Strategy Owen Bonnici launched a public consultation on twelve thematic areas underpinning Malta’s National Post-Pandemic Strategy.

Accompanied by Chairperson of the Steering Group Professor Simone Borg and Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Research, Innovation and the Co-ordination of Post COVID-19 Strategy Joyce Dimech, Minister Bonnici said that the government aims to have a strategy for the people which is built in a spirit of openness and collaboration.

Minister Bonnici said that our country is looking towards this post-pandemic strategy from a position of strength. International experts are anticipating that the Maltese economy will recover quickly and strongly post COVID-19 pandemic, outperforming other EU countries in the process.

Dr Bonnici explained that the government has been continuously and repeatedly pushing forward reforms according to the plans it has for various sectors of the country, such as construction, social accommodation and governance. At the same time, it is launching and implementing plans for sectors such as tourism which have been hit hard by the pandemic.

He said that the fact that we are in a position of strength does not mean that we should not look towards the future or refrain from thinking ahead, and that is why the government is focused on preparing a post-pandemic strategy.

Minister Bonnici explained that a reflection on the kind of Malta we all want is crucial, as renewal is the key to continue being successful as a nation.

Professor Simone Borg explained that the pandemic has left a marked impact on various sectors, but also offers an opportunity to build a society which keeps moving forward whilst being more inclusive and sustainable.

She explained that the Steering Group, following extensive consultations and research, drew up twelve thematic areas underpinning Malta’s National Post-Pandemic Strategy. These thematic areas, which have been placed for public consultation, address three main questions – how do we improve quality of life and wellbeing, how do we sustain business and employment and drive a strong recovery, and how do we remain resilient and competitive.

Permanent Secretary Joyce Dimech referred to the composition of the Steering Group and said that it is made up of various experts with diverse competences hailing from the academic sector and public entities.

She said that, in the last eight weeks, the Steering Group conducted more than 30 meetings with key stakeholders and ministries in Malta and Gozo and 10 other formal meetings within the structure of the group itself, apart from other informal meetings. Ms Dimech explained that meetings are ongoing and more will be held in the coming days.

The consultation period is open until 31st May 2021, and the strategy will take into consideration the feedback received through this consultation and ongoing stakeholder discussions. The final strategy will be published in June 2021.​


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