“AI & Analitics: The Power of AI in business”: the summit will be held in Amsterdam on November 13th-14th, with the partnership of Malta Business.

AI has become a focus for consumers, institutions and regulators globally.

As new capabilities and models emerge, it is important for institutions to understand how they can take advantage of each new development.

And while Artificial Intelligence is not the answer to everything, in a hyper-competitive society, smart tools and innovative approaches can make a huge difference changing the game in terms of customers experience, cutting costs, productivity gains, or greater good, if done in a responsible way.

Machine learning, IoTs, Deep Learning, Big Data, Virtual Assistants, are not only “buzzing words”, but true change drivers, planting in our every day life.

Understanding and leveraging their impact is what more and more companies opt to do, racing not to be left behind.

The purpose of this Conference is to showcase the most sensitive perspectives to beware of while adopting the AI; to provide deep understanding on how it can enhance and transform the Business, with special focus on the latest developments, possibilities, future aspects, and success stories within the fields of Finance and Healthcare.

This is a unique chance to be impressed by the advancement of the technology, to learn, share and network.

Come to Amsterdam for a remarkable and exclusive experience!