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HomeBilateral extends its commitment to MEA’s online toolbox extends its commitment to MEA’s online toolbox, a private-public partnership between the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Employers Association (MEA) have signed a cooperative agreement, strengthening the relationship between the two entities and allowing to contribute towards the MEAINDEX online portal for business entrepreneurs.

The agreement was signed by MEA’s Director General Mr Joseph Farrugia and Chief Executive Officer Ms Dana Farrugia.

The agreement will ensure increased awareness among the local and international business community of the various initiatives, incentives, and projects administered by which are intended to expand the value of the technology industry in Malta through four main pillars of promotion, assistance, innovation, and talent. Through strategic consultancy, promotional efforts, national and EU-funded projects, research exercises, and participation in international events, strives to position itself as Malta’s main body and intermediary between the tech sector, the business community, and academia.

In her comments regarding this collaboration Chief Executive Officer Ms Dana Farrugia stated that “The establishment of bilateral mechanisms between different entities for promotion and transfer of knowledge are pivotal to creating a wide array of innovative and quality services to our business community. Through this enhanced relationship with the MEA, we can jointly seize the opportunities arising from the digital economy and keep innovating modalities for collaboration in cross-sectoral areas of our economy”.

MEA’s Director General Mr Joseph Farrugia added: “The signed agreement with marks another milestone within MEA’s effort of establishing an effective network, and collaboration with entities within the local business ecosystem. Digitisation and technological communication nowadays had become a necessity more than ever, and business entrepreneurs and employers are continuously seeking assistance and guidance to keep the pace with all the progressive developments in this field”. has always been a supporting partner to MEA’s members, but with this agreement we are taking our collaboration to higher levels. Through, the online toolbox for business entrepreneurs, MEA’s SME Helpdesk will start publishing and promoting all’s services and initiatives to the business community. 

Collaboratively, both entities will have new opportunities to strengthen their efforts in facilitating access for information and be hand-holding partners in the process of re-training and upscaling their day-to-day digital needs in business operations.

Mr Farrugia reiterated that through this agreement, MEA and will be committing themselves that for the coming 5 years, they will serve as a focal point to potential young entrepreneurs, business start-ups, SME’s and Micros, and even to large enterprises to help them be resilient to challenges and through innovative opportunities they will be able to achieve technological success and remain competitive in today’s labour market.


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