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Tallinja Card. Traveling on Maltese public transport will be free.

As announced by government, as from 1st October 2022, all holders of a valid personalised Tallinja Card will be able to travel for free onboard all Malta Public Transport buses operating day routes, night routes and special services.

To avail yourself from free public transport, all you are required to do is to tap your personalised Tallinja Card on the ticket machine next to the bus driver every time you board the bus. Since you already have a valid personalized Tallinja Card, there is no need for you to apply for a new one. The new system will automatically update your card to be able to travel for free.  

You do not need to have credit on their Tallinja Card in order to travel on day routes, night routes and special services. However, any customers with a negative balance on their Tallinja Card or with an invalid Tallinja Card, will not be able to travel for free and will be required to pay for a cash ticket.

Furthermore, passengers using their Tallinja Card for bus services that are not eligible for free travel (like Tallinja Direct Services and On-Demand Services) will be required to have sufficient credit on their Tallinja Card to pay for their trip.

You can check your balance on your Tallinja Card by entering your customer number using the following link: or by downloading the Tallinja APP from Apple Store or Google Store for free.

Who is eligible for Free Public Transport?

Anyone with a personalised Tallinja Card is eligible for free public transport. This includes Child Cards, Student Cards, Adult Cards, Concession Cards, and Gozo Cards. 

What happens if I do not tap my Tallinja Card on the ticket machine?

In order for the bus operator and for the authorities to keep track of passenger numbers for planning purposes, it is important that you tap your Tallinja Card on the ticket machine every time you board the bus. Our inspectors carry out random inspections on the buses each day in order to check that all passengers have tapped their Tallinja Card or purchased a cash ticket. If you do not tap the card on the machine inside the bus, you will be fined €50 and your Tallinja Card will be confiscated until you pay your fine.

Can I use the Tallinja Card of a friend or relative to travel?

No. The Tallinja Card is personalised. It is registered on your name. It displays your photo (except for Child Cards) and name. Therefore, Tallinja Cards cannot be shared. Anyone caught using someone else’s Tallinja Card will be fined €50.

I lost my Tallinja Card. How can I get a new one?

You can buy a replacement card from one of our Ticket booths. You can also order a replacement card over the phone by calling 2122 2000.
For further information, including FAQs, kindly visit

Source: Malta Pubblic Transport

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