He is engaged primarily in technology law, fintech, regtech, electronic communications, information society, data protection and gaming/gambling, while also focusing on consumer law, competition law, broadcasting law, cyber law, e-commerce, m-commerce, e-health, e-payment, information technology, unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising.

Dr Gauci also provides consultancy on legal matters related to blockchain technology, smart contracts, crypto-currencies and ICO/ITO. He has assisted the Maltese Government amongst others on issues dealing with E-Trust certification, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) on its E-commerce strategy as well as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). He was one of the strategic advisors appointed by Government on the National Blockchain Strategy Taskforce. He shared some of his thoughts with us a few days before the Delta Summit, where he will be a speaker.

Dr Gauchi, what do you expect from the next Delta Summit?

Delta Summit 2019 is going to be extremely insightful as it is dedicated to different technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & IoT.  I am looking forward to my keynote

What will you talk about in your speech as a speaker?

I will touch on these different technologies and the converging digital world

What are the most important aspects you would stress upon when looking at new technologies?

Technology is an enabler on a lot of fronts. In order for it to strive and help us to innovate, we need to make sure that we tap its utmost potential and that we can trust it. Trust for me is the most important element, particularly in a world where algorithmic systems are becoming more ubiquitous and the algorithm can either on its own accord or else as part of a system be involved in decision making processes. To this end we need to have technology which is trustworthy by design”.

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