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Fight against unemployment and migration issues, the priorities discussed on the first day of Medaweek2018

Barcelona (Spain) 21st November 2018 – The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek2018), has opened its doors as scheduled by hosting the fifteenth edition of the Forum for Economic Development of North Africa (NABDF), meeting born in 2003 to revive the economy of the Mediterranean region.

During the session “Business Development in North Africa” is raised that the reduction of youth unemployment in North Africa, necessarily required a participatory approach of all Mediterranean countries in order to design new solutions, especially focused on the world of revolution digital to better connect the two shores of the sea nostrum.

The former General Secretary of the UpM M.Sijilmassi, has specifically requested support from the entrepreneurial world (that creates jobs) in order to strengthen its competitiveness by opening borders and markets and encouraging them to create mechanisms that can put the focus of attention on the regional integration as part of a global vision that takes into account the Mediterranean-Africa-Europe axis.

The adoption of this approach, in the context of wider regional cooperation and balanced vision, is able to contribute to addressing the challenges that arise in this sector, particularly in relation to youth unemployment and migration.

For her part, Ms. Houda Benghazi, General Director of the Moroccan-Spanish Economic Council (CEMAES), examined several successful experiences in partnerships for economic and social development in the various countries of the Mediterranean basin, noting that Morocco and Spain is a pioneering model of economic cooperation and partnerships in a winning approach.

The trade balance between the two countries begins to show a remarkable balance thanks to the important projects led by the two countries, in the framework of a distinct partnership in various sectors, in particular that of the automotive sector.

Today Morocco has become, hanks to this partnership and cooperation policy, the second largest investor in Africa, especially in the financial sector (banks and insurance companies), said Mrs. Benghazi.

Roger Albinyana, director of regional policies and human development of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), said that integration could contribute to economic development and job creation, emphasizing that entrepreneurs are called to take advantage of the revolution global technology and its evolution.

Africa, with its large blocks and economic clusters, could benefit from the globalization through partnerships with other regions, including the Mediterranean, with Europe and the rest of the world, to meet the challenges of globalization, population growth, migration, youth unemployment and other social issues.

The twelfth edition of the Mediterranean Week of economic leaders continues until 23rdNovember in Barcelona, on the initiative of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCAME) and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

Organized with the support of numerous international and regional partners, this event focuses on many topical issues and will act as a leading platform for Mediterranean business in the world.

This annual event aims to promote the Mediterranean region at international level by focusing on development, integration and the Euro-Mediterranean partnerships thanks to its relation with other Mediterranean regional powers: EU, Arab world and Africa.


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