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Government extends Grant Schemes application deadlines

The Government has decided to extend the cut-off dates for the submission of applications under the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes until the end of June next year.

The extension applies to the Start-up Investment Grant Scheme, the SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme, the SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme, the SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme and the e-Commerce Grant Scheme.

The Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that about €51 million within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund are allocated for these schemes so enterprises can be provided with the assistance they require.

He encouraged enterprises to continue submitting good quality project proposals to seek support for the investment they are planning to undertake. This, he added, should then ideally result in the creation of new employment and further economic growth.

Dr Zrinzo Azzopardi pointed out that the Government is committed to support enterprises, especially in these telling times, as the extended implementation period of the grant schemes prove.

The cut-off dates range between October 2020 and the end June 2021.

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Giovanni Guarise
Giovanni Guarise
Professional journalist since 2010, over the years as a freelance he has dedicated particular attention to the world of Small and Medium Enterprises, creating in-depth studies and focuses for various newspapers, and collaborating in communication activities for a trade association in Veneto.


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