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The Canadian Chamber in Italy gets stronger

An ideal space to promote Italy to Canadians and business opportunities in Canada to Italian companies: this is the Canadian Chamber in Italy, a non-profit association that has been active for years in Rome, which today is ready to relaunch its activity with a strengthened board to give a breath of fresh air and dynamism to its activities.

The new board will work in full continuity and unity of purpose with the previous management, but with the contribution of young forces and new ideas to continue to grow the network between companies, associations and institutions from Italy and Canada.

The new President of the Association is Caterina Passariello, emerging figure among the most promising in the world of young entrepreneurship, project manager of the consulting company Euromed International Trade: “I am honored and motivated to take on this important adventure. In the business context in which I operate we have been following for years  countless trade and cooperation opportunities, existing and potential, between Italy and Canada to achieve mutual benefits in terms of investment, growth and export flows. We will work to continue to promote and increase these new opportunities for meetings, also through the support of CETA, the free trade agreement that has led to an increase in business and contributed during the last year to limit the negative effects of the Covid emergency“.

Joining President Passariello will be Vice-President Domenico Letizia, a journalist and analyst from Caserta, one of the most active authors of research and analysis on the blue economy, fishing and Canadian geopolitics: “Canada is a continuous discovery. A country at the center of profitable diplomatic relations, pursuing universal values of rule of law and protection of human rights, and committed to innovation policies in the field of green economy and for the development of business organizational processes respectful of the environment, the Ocean and the dignity of people. Being able to develop synergies between companies, universities, study centers and Italian and Canadian Ngo is a dream to be realized, first of all, for the economic and educational growth of the Italian and Mediterranean SMEs pattern“.

The best wishes to the new board come from the Founder and outgoing President José Salgado: “I express my congratulations for the renewal and the relaunch of this reality, which I am sure will continue to operate with incisiveness in the development of profitable relations between the two countries we love. I hand over the baton to a new board made up of young and brilliant people who will bring added value to our cause in terms of ideas, innovation and farsightedness.”

The Canadian Chamber in Italy restarts again with impetus towards increasingly ambitious goals to be achieved through cooperation, sustainable development, business support and exchange of expertise between two countries that share a long history of friendship, present and future.


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Giovanni Guarise
Giovanni Guarise
Professional journalist since 2010, over the years as a freelance he has dedicated particular attention to the world of Small and Medium Enterprises, creating in-depth studies and focuses for various newspapers, and collaborating in communication activities for a trade association in Veneto.
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